Osfest – Past Events

OSFEST Derbyshire has been running since 2009. In 2016 we moved from The Ostrich Inn in Longford to our new home at Broughton Heath Golf Club in Church Broughton, Derbyshire.

We have had over 150 bands and artists performing at our event since then including……

Tilted Smile, The Roads, The Getaway Boys, Lindsay Smith, Adam Smith, The Telephones, The Maffa Kings, The Souvenirs, Escape To New York, Castro, The Parents, GTR, The Fontana Instincts, Karl & The Marx Brothers, Buzzard, The Swiines, Stride, Point Of Suspense, Matt Henshaw, Regiimental, The Ornamental Gentlemen, Lester Norton, Paul Tabor, Ex-Hausted, The Sons, Huw Costin & Torn Sail, The Machiavelli, Antonia Bee, Dan Parkin, Rosie Abbot, West Of The Sun, The Third Round, Albino Peaches, Jo Lewis, Eleanor Lee, Harriet, The Modern Affair, The Javelins, Deco, Albion, House Of Thieves, Three Minute Heist, NG26, Exile 84, Burdock, The Deep, The Harrowbrooks, Parasight, Jim Widdop, Countryboy Delinquent, Jim Widdop, Dekoda, Tim Filor, Little Liam, I Set The Sea On Fire, Brookfield, Adam Forman, The Retrospectives, The Feathers, Gonzo, Rainer, The Phonics, The Strange Trio, Casino Empire, Parka, The Idle, Cold Water Souls, Corinna Jane, Panama Scots, Jamie Joseph, Lucille, Lucy Milford, Austin Powers, Jonathan Eagles, The Needy, The Shelter, Amy Illingworth, Niall Fitz, The Thieves, These Wicked Rivers, One Giant Causeway, Blackcats and Magpies, Starwheel, Eclectic Mayhem, 5 Heads, Black Wolf Catch, No Disco, Joshua Mellor, Broken Flags, Scribble Victory, The Herron Brothers, Imbue, Foo 5ighters, Casual Agenda, Star From Ivy, Talk In Code, Eyre Llew, Ashfields, JNCTRE, Barnie Rubblz, Rainer, Late Night Legacy, Red Light Effect, After Hours, Faraday, Twister, The Interceptors, The Silicone Taxis, Lew Thomas Band, Super Furniture, Treble Fours, Judge Fudge, Gareth Humphries, Lee Bateman, Joseph Knight, Sunflower Thieves, Lynz Crichton, Andy Crowe Band, Arc Isla, Kezia Gill, Pete Wilson – Perfect Motion, Modern Comforts, The Lost Boys, The Seagulls, Emma Buckley, Black Dog Anthem, The Honeymoon Suite, The Idolins, The Indie Division, Carry The Crown, Radio Romantic, Kirby, Junkyard Angels, Unqualified Nurse Band, Greg Murray & The Seven Wonders, Thunderian Summer, The Rogue Embers, Scott Bugg and the Vital Few, The In-Here Brothers, The River Chickens.


Osfest feed back………..

Osfest 17 best music festival I gave been to. Well organised and so friendly. Well done to all volunteers!!! And all musicians some amazing bands. – Ann Roberts.

Thanks people, would love to play again next year, without a doubt my favourite set this year, brilliant crowd and really well organised, great atmosphere. – Pete Wilson

Fantastic little festival, don’t know how you do it, but so much love for you from the bands, so you obviously do it well! We had a great time! See you next year! – Stephen and Sally Ward

Great weekend, especially liked the Friday night 😃Keep rocking! Xx – Annette Eagles

Superb festival, glad to be involved. – Adam Morrison

Had a fantastic time thanks for all the hard work you all do – Annette Riley Gilbert

Had a wicked time at OSFEST! Immense effort by all involved to pull off such a brilliant, family friendly event. – Pete Ceremony

Sometimes the stars align to create perfect people, perfect weather and perfect music to make an incredible festival. Welcome to Osfest 2017! – Kristen Goodall

Faraday @ #osfest17 – Photography by Jason Bridges.